Pathway to Paris’ compilation of a diversity of 50 voices sharing their support and solidarity to all of those who marched today, April 29th at the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C.

50 contributors from around the world including Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon (Pathway to Paris), Bill Mckibben and May Boeve (350), Michael Stipe, Anne Waldman, Flea, Scott Patterson, Patti Smith, Tibetan activist Jigme Ugen, Rima Fujita, Alana Amram, Lenny Kaye, Good Leaf (Nfn Kenarahdiyoh) – International Representative to the Economic Social Council of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Brendan Patrick, King Tuff, and Uncle B. A celebratory, grassroots ‘thank you’ card to the activists fighting daily in this global movement.