Pathway to Paris is a nonprofit organization dedicated to turning the Paris Agreement into reality through offering innovative and ambitious solutions for combating global climate change. It is time to transition our world out of the era of fossil fuels, and into a new era of 100% renewable energy and zero emissions, as soon as possible. The organization is based in the USA, though it is a global initiative, working closely with cities and citizens all over the world.


Culture: to amplify the messages of the climate movement, highlight and engage the active voices of people, and grow citizen engagement through the platform of culture – music, art, film, etc. through festivals, intimate and large scale events, multimedia projects, and diverse collaborations.


People: to engage citizens by educating them on the current initiatives, climate goals, and environmental risks of their cities and countries, arming them with tangible actions they can bring to their communities, connecting citizens with their local government, and supporting citizens to be active leaders in the climate movement.


Solutions: to work closely with local and national governments in order to help them develop strategic and ambitious climate action plans to transition their cities to 100% renewable energy and zero emissions by 2040. To offer support for these projects by developing a network of innovative financing mechanism to support cities in making this transition (i.e. including investing in green infrastructure development to fuel the green economy)

Music and the arts have the power to bring mass amounts of people together, creating community, opening hearts, igniting passion, and engaging citizens more fully in the movement. Music is the universal language of the world and climate change is the global concern that unites all beings on earth. It is a natural and important synergy of work. These events and projects also give the performers and artists a platform in which to use their unique platforms to raise awareness and reach a different and broader audience specific to this urgent fight of activism. Connecting musicians and artists with scientists, leading thinkers, innovators, and politicians creates a more well rounded and fuller amount of diverse and powerful collaboration. Collaboration is the only way we will succeed in this movement.

Pathway to Paris is the 501 c3 organization, and 1000 Cities is our main global initiative. Pairing both the cultural/citizen engagement piece with the solution piece highlights and engages the entire city or nation involved, from the people in the neighborhoods, the citizens living there, its government officials, leading activists, to its artists, musicians, and cultural voices. This amplifies the power of the movement by enhancing multiple and simultaneous levels of action, education, and awareness, and by creating such rich and diverse collaborations that otherwise may not have taken place.