The 1000 Cities Initiative for Carbon Freedom (1000 Cities) is based on the idea that if 1000 cities around the world step forward to develop and implement highly ambitious climate action plans that target zero emissions and 100% renewable energy, we will be able to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement and beyond.

Pathway to Paris supports cities to develop the most ambitious climate action plans to serve as best practice examples for other cities of the world to follow. 

Through the solution piece within the 1000 Cities Initiative, we work with our technical team (Sustainability Solutions Group) of  some of the world’s leading climate experts. Our team has developed and uses a state of the art, cutting edge, high level modeling tool (CityInsight) that models cities to support the design and implementation of climate action plan strategies that meet our 1000 cities targets. Working closely with local governments, our team helps to develop climate action plans with a step-by-step guide that includes policy, finance, and infrastructure. We also help to support cities with funding to develop and implement their climate action plans. We do this through linking private donors, investors, and financing partners to green infrastructure, building a network of innovative financing to support city green infrastructure projects like 100% renewable grids.

Pathway to Paris is the 501(c3) organization, and 1000 Cities is our main global initiative.