Rhiannon Hewitt

Rhiannon Hewitt became interested in conservation while visiting the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco as a toddler. She also got excited about poetry and mythologies at around the same time. Since then, she has written two books and many poems expressing her love for the natural world that she is part of. She is currently in Second Grade and does not want to wait to effect positive change in the world around her.

Seven Imagined Memories

At the San Francisco Pathway to Paris event, which capped off the Global Climate Action Summit (September 12-14, 2018), Rhiannon performed her poem, ‘7 Imagined Memories’ along with Jesse on piano and Rebecca on cello. This poem introduces us to to explores an imaginary relationship with seven animals which have gone extinct in her lifetime. Since the event, the poem has been illustrated and published into a book with all proceeds going to support Pathway to Paris, at the suggestion and choice of Rhiannon.

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