Rachel Marco-Havens



On Pathway to Paris,

The beauty of the form that the movement is taking these days, is the recognition that effective leadership needs team effort and community—Thankfully, more of us are stepping up to join those who have already dedicated their lives to this work. I have so much catching up to do!

When I met Jesse & Rebecca—each of us on our own Pathway to Paris—it only made sense to walk beside each other at times… Their sincere and heartfelt connection to the the earth, and love for the people on it shows in their art and action—using creativity to spread messages of hope, positive change and loving kindness. I do hope we come together in December… Collaborative creativity—both the vehicle and the fuel for the work—increases our potency when delivering the message.

It is my desire to be as effective within my own community as I can be, and still have room for the bigger pictures, and then there is regular life… I am working to learn how to bring it all together for the good of all.

Since joining the effort to bring transparancy to the governmental process in a politically sponsored taxpayer funded, corporate water grab (that resulted in the unprecedented retreat of a National bottling company in our community) life has taken a drastic turn in focus.

While, the spotlight shined on our little town’s recent vulnerability, I was forced to see the ocean for our little lake—suddenly awakening to the bigger picture, I recognize it is important to take a bioregional stance, start at home, and let the ripples effect as we lock in with others in their regions…

Locally, I am now driven by the desire to learn more, educate myself about climate change, economic development policy and dedicate work toward new strategies for restoration of the infrastructures in our municipalities and honorable governance of our natural resources, civil liberties and freedom of creative expression. And the way to do that proves to be to connect with others who are working toward the protection of our Collective Commons.

From the art & music, to the fresh water in our lakes and streams winding through sacred mountains, we must step up and continue to stand for our environment, literally and figuratively… In my neck of the woods, (the Hudson Valley) we are stewards of valuable land, water, and immense creative flow all rich with history and culture. Restorative and sustainable focus is key for the future of the region. The same is true in every Bio Region on the planet.

We can fight for our way of life which is proving to be far too excessive, or create solutions and choose new pathways to walk—I am partial to the latter.

It is my goal to attend the Climate Talks in December in Paris, and on the way, educate myself in every way that I can, connect with more like minded light workers and continue with even more direction.
With Love and Appreciation for the opportunity to join such an amazing movement toward positive change and prayers for peace in all hearts, because we are all in the same boat, Pathway to Paris is an incredible way to journey toward a positive common goal.

Rachel Marco-Havens