Jesse Paris Smith

Pathway to Paris Co-Founder

Jesse Paris Smith is co-founder of Pathway to Paris, a composer, instrumentalist, activist, and producer. She has been performing, producing events, and collaborating with other musicians and artists since 2004. It was in the same year that she committed herself to environmental concerns. She is a graduate of the Sound and Music Institute, a training focused on integrative practices of therapeutic soundwork, a Performance Wellness practitioner, and Grief Recovery Specialist. She is on the Associate Board of Tibet House US, and has been a regular performer of their annual benefit concert since 2008. In September 2014, Jesse and cellist, Rebecca Foon launched Pathway to Paris, a non-profit organization focused on raising awareness of the urgent importance of establishing a legally binding global climate agreement, and turning that agreement into reality.


In light of the Himalayan earthquake in April 2015, she also founded Everest Awakening, an ongoing initiative focused on rebuilding projects in Nepal. Jesse composes music for films, installations, and other media projects. She curates and performs globally in multiple configurations, creating collaborative and themed evenings of music, poetry, and stories at cultural venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rubin Museum of Art, and The Morgan Library and Museum. Jesse says, “I am incredibly thankful for all of the artists, crew, contributors, sponsors, and audience members who are here tonight, and for everyone around the world joining this incredible global movement to shift away from fossil fuels to create a new future for our beautiful planet. This needs to be the most ambitious collaboration of our new century!”