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January 1st, 2020

Michael Stipe will start the new decade by releasing his second solo single, “Drive To The Ocean” on January 4th, 2020. The date also marks Stipe’s 60th birthday and the track will be made available exclusively via his own website – MichaelStipe.com.

The track will benefit Pathway To Paris, founded by Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon, with Stipe redirecting all of his earnings from sales and synchronization licensing for the first 365 days to the organization.

Pathway To Paris is a non-profit organization dedicated to turning the Paris Agreement into reality through innovative public engagement, cultural events, supporting citizen driven initiatives and cities in developing and implementing ambitious climate action plans.

Pathway To Paris was founded in 2014 as a platform to bring together artists, musicians, filmmakers, poets with politicians, scientists, activists, innovators, and leading thinkers in order to strengthen the climate movement through diverse collaborations. The organization has held major events all over the world, and has partnered with several other groups including the UNDP and 350.org. In 2017, Pathway to Paris launched their 1000 Cities Initiative for Carbon Freedom, based on the idea that if 1000 cities around the world commit to transitioning away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy and zero emissions by 2040, then we can meet and go beyond the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Says Stipe of this, his second solo release, “I am so happy to collaborate with Pathway To Paris for this year 2020. The work that they are doing is vital and foundational— it is essential for a future that we can and will claim as our own.”

The download is priced at 77 cents but those who prefer to give more can enter an amount of their own choosing. The download package will include exclusive wallpapers, the video, a high resolution audio version of the song as well as a photograph of Stipe’s original handwritten lyrics.

Drive To The Ocean” will be accompanied by a video directed by Stipe.

Stipe’s debut solo single “Your Capricious Soul” was released on October 5th, with proceeds going to climate justice activists Extinction Rebellion. 

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Artwork Photo Credit: Michael Stipe
Portrait Credit: Michael Stipe 



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