Tenzin Choegyal is a musician based in Brisbane, Australia.

Born to a nomad family in Tibet, Tenzin Choegyal grew up in the refugee community in northern India after his family fled intolerable repression in Tibet in the early 1970s. Tenzin feels a particular connection to the music of the wandering people of his homeland and recalls his father’s mastery of the Lingbu (bamboo flute) and his mother’s beautiful singing voice. He attributes much of his musical passion to those early influences. Although poor and separated from family, Tenzin’s memories of living at the Tibetan Children’s Village school in Dharamsala are happy ones full of music. After moving to Australia in 1997 Tenzin found his musical wings and quickly became popular on the festival circuit, playing regularly at WOMAD and Woodford Folk Festivals.

As a composer, Tenzin draws on his extraordinary soaring vocals and his skills on the Dranyen (Tibetan lute) and Lingbu to create dazzlingly original compositions that reflect his cultural lineage. A noted collaborator to musicians both locally and abroad, he has also released five of his own albums, most recently the highly-anticipated Heart Strings in January.

Choegyal is also an activist and philanthropist. As Creative director of the Festival of Tibet and other concerts throughout Australia, he raises much needed funds for Tibetan Children’s Village schools in India, which care for and educate thousands of Tibetan children living in exile. Tenzin cites the plight of his people as the primary inspiration for his artistic and fundraising ventures.