Pathway to Paris is a dynamic collaboration between musicians, artists, sustainability consultants, cities and activists to highlight solutions to climate change, and to help turn the Paris Agreement into real action.


Co-founded by Jesse Paris Smith and Rebecca Foon, Pathway to Paris includes a series of musical events in various cities, radio shows, and cutting edge news, drawing upon proven examples to demonstrate that significant reductions in GHG emissions are possible and improve quality of life. Change is possible – and it works.


This is a call to action that is stronger than ever before.

The time is now.

“No one can predict the consequences of climate change with complete certainty; but we now know enough to understand the risks. Mitigation- taking strong action to reduce emissions – must be viewed as an investment, a cost incurred now and in the coming decades to avoid the risks of very severe consequences in the future. If these investments are made wisely, the costs will be manageable, and there will be a wide range of opportunities for growth and development along the way”.
Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change, pg. i (2006).

“It was barely 11 months ago in Doha [UN Climate Change negotiations] when my delegation appealed to the world… to open our eyes to the stark reality that we face… as then we confronted a catastrophic storm that resulted in the costliest disaster in Philippine history. Less than a year hence, we cannot imagine that a disaster much bigger would come. With an apparent cruel twist of fate, my country is being tested by this hellstorm called Super Typhoon Haiyan, which has been described by experts as the strongest typhoon that has ever made landfall in the course of recorded human history”.
Ye Sano, Lead negotiator for Philippines at UN Climate Summit in Warsaw, 2013

“Let me highlight the one resource that is scarcest of all: time…we are running out of time. Time to tackle climate change. Time to ensure sustainable, climate-resilient green growth. Time to generate a clean energy revolution… We need you to step up. Spark innovation. Lead by action. Invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy for those who need them most — your future customers.”
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon at the World Economic Forum, 2011

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